Question 1

So what exactly is going on?

4Creeks Creative has acquired DMI Agency and the two entities are merging to offer more services to our client.  We’ll be combining our team and working under the new name Topograph, LLC.

Question 2

Will I still be working with the same people?

Yes! Everyone you have been working with at 4CC and DMI Agency will now be working under a new name, Topograph (the emails are also the same, just @tpgrph.com instead of @4cc.co or @dmiagency.com)

Question 3

What about my current contract with 4Creeks Creative or DMI Agency / How will this affect my projects, advertising, etc.?

Great question.  There should be no change to your project, advertising contracts, or level of service.  Maybe just a few new names and faces that are dedicated to serving you and helping your business grow. We are doing our best to touch base with all of our current clients to discuss our work with you directly and see how we might serve your marketing needs into the future.

Question 4

What services does Topograph provide?

Our team specializes in Brand Strategy, Marketing and Advertising, which covers a lot.  We like to think of it ourselves as advocates for your business growth. 

Brand Strategy includes:

  • Knowing your target audience
  • Refining the “voice” of your brand
  • Utilizing different platforms to engage with your target audience
  • Understanding Brand Culture vs Visual Identity
  • And more!

Visual Marketing includes:

  • Logos and visual branding
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • And more!

Question 5

Want to know more?

Reach out to us at info@tpgrph.com

We're Topograph. A strategy + design agency. We partner with marketing directors to get clear on your message, confident in your marketing, and ready to grow.